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The Beauty of Kema Beach

Kema is a district in North Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, the northern border city of Bitung, east of the Molucca Sea, south by combi District, Minahasa Regency and the west by District Kauditan. Kema Kema is the Capital District and City Fishing Port in the eastern parts of Minahasa, and supplying fish to the area of existing districts in the east coast of Minahasa as Kema, combi and East Lembean.
Geographic expanse of the Indonesian archipelago was amazing. Proverbial, treading Indonesia universe is like a heaven land set from the Divine. This is the impression when he was on the beach in the area of Parent Minahasa, North Sulawesi.

Place, people often call it the High coast Kema. Indeed, by the divine, designed around the rugged coastline of natural rock cliffs high. As a symbol of greatness and divine presence, the creator of this nature semesata.

Towering chocolate, and a few overgrown trees dry relay suggesting an exclusive panorama of the beach. Even so, this beach is still close by the green plants that occupy at some high cliffs. So the atmosphere of arid and hot on the beach not too thickened High Kema.

The exact location of the beach are in sub-Kombi, more expose beauty of the rising sun. But when searching for the beauty of the sunset view, beach Kema Height is not the place. Therefore, the High coast Kema into the sun out of hiding places tonight, as the High coast as a symbol of the morning for Parent Minahasa community.

On the left of the entrance complex of beaches, river estuaries can find enough character stream. Seem distant, the river meandering pattern scores like a snake. The flow of river water toward the coast like a symbol of unification of differences without any problems.

The atmosphere of the beach makes fun. Pristine nature is awake, lucid and charming. The High coast Kema give a sense of amusement, although the temperature is hot if the figure of the sun was directly overhead.Kema High Coast is still overgrown with leafy green trees.

In the 1960's High Kema beach more often dominated absolutely by the activities of local people for a means of subsistence. Some use it for fishing, farming, and even a comfortable haven,this beach comfortable and safe for occupancy.

However, after years of shifts in the era of the 1990s, the High coast Kema start ogled by many people to remove the boredom from the bustle of urban life. Breezy wind, waves, and the dish is still virgin beaches provide solutions relief all the problems the world is complex.

Its unique beaches, recently started the High coast visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Kema High beach complex has a surrounding length of 700 to 800-meters and just deal directly with the sea waters of Maluku.

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